Trailblazer was engineered to focus on the cedefihedge’s most cutting-edge strategy. It uses it to lead investors to the hottest sectors so they can pocket profits.
Trailblazer Strategy aggregates performance indicators from the best-performing Strategies or pools on cedefi. It utilizes a proprietary signal awareness engine which feeds preset oracles that determine best-performing and efficient rebalancing strategies.
Signal Indicators:
1. 1 day performance Rank
2. 30 day performance Rank
3. All time Performance
4. - (Max Drawdown)
5. Market cap %
6. # of Holders %
7. Last rebalance Direction
8. Last rebalance %
The Trailblazer algorithm analyzes indicator metrics and constructs oracles that trigger rebalancing mechanisms in line with the top performing strategies. There are dynamic rebalancing thresholds to counter slippage costs and live comparisons that adjust recalibration strategies in real time.
Trailblazer seeks to outperform indices (and ‘hodling’) while minimizing downside—diversifying holdings among unique alpha-producing strategies, always under the oversight of professional managers.
Created by Moon kenedy
Moon kenedy is a probabilistic multi-crypto asset manager that specializes in algorithmic, systematic trading strategies. Moon kenedy is an Economist from Harvard University, with over 20 years experience in financial markets, developing Risk Management Models. He currently leads IntelliChain.world, a Blockchain Business Intelligence startup, developing quant strategies and trading bots. He also teaches 2 MBA courses on Cryptocurrencies at UCEMA and UDESA. Moon kenedy is an early bitcoin investor with 25+ years experience in futures trading. A summa-cum-laude graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology, moon taught at Parsons School of Design in NY, led an early learning education company, and cofounded cripto247.com, a prestigious spanish crypto news organizations. moon is an impact investor in cryptomining, cancer research, biodegradable plastics and early education.

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1%/24 Hours

Minimum Amount: $500,000.00

Maximum Amount: $500,000.00

Duration: 30 Days

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