A News-driven strategy refers to an investment strategy in which a investor attempts to profit from an asset mispricing that may occur during or after a news. You might already know that stocks react quickly to news events. One lousy earnings report can cause a stock price to fall. Something like FDA approval for a new drug, on the other hand, might cause a stock to take off. By keeping an eye on the business news, investors can capitalize on the popular daily stories. If bad news is out, you might short the stock during the day by “borrowing” shares of the stock from the investment firm and then selling those borrowed shares. If the stock price declines as expected, then you buy the shares back at the lower price and profit from the difference less a commission payment. If the news is good, you go long or buy the stock outright and sell the shares after the price rises
The news driven strategy lets you leverage on various cryptocurrency news which is proven to have an effect on it's price movement. The sudden upward or downward price movement of a crypto asset is directly correlated with celebrity news "elon musk effect", Governing body approval and earnings report. This confirms that media coverage and public interest for a specific crypto asset have a substantial impact on crypto asset pricing. The strategy takes a position in a safe and efficient way, by capturing the fair value of the news. The key is to try to measure the fair value of the news. This can be done intuitively, simply by looking at the evolution of the basis spread, the positive or negative effect on the underlying asset, the difference between the future value and the spot price. This is theoretically the fair value of the news. Capturing the price positive price momentum that typically precedes the news, with the aid of manual technical analysis, the pool measure and capture the news’s expected impact date before its occurrence and take a long or short position with the intention of making profits for it's investors using our secret sophisticated tools.

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